Dr. Melinda Asztalos is an inspiring spiritual teacher

“Dr. Melinda Asztalos is an inspiring spiritual teacher with brilliant wisdom that bridges science and spirituality. She has a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience that is grounded in an extensive academic background on mindful movement and well-being, professional work helping people heal and understand their purpose in life, and over 30 years of dedicated spiritual practices. All this has culminated into her life’s work—The Crack. This illuminating book elaborates on her creation, The 3M System, and offers powerful perspectives and techniques to develop a greater understanding of the self and, ultimately, consciousness. I highly recommend reading The Crack to rediscover the space, freedom, peace, joy, health, and happiness available to us all.”

Steven Pratscher, Ph.D. in Psychology, Post-doctoral fellow at University of Florida, Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence, 2021 winner of the Varela Grant from the Mind and Life Institute

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