The 3M System is the method of human development which offers the right cocktail of science & spirituality for increasing awareness of self & others (i.e., conscious presence) while decreasing ego-dominance, thereby promoting the enjoyment of power & freedom (individual & corporate).

On individual level, The 3M System supports the understanding of mind & its conditioning, the recognition of the ego’s specific manifestations in the individual’s functioning, and the discovery of available avenues toward greater self-determination & the fascinating heights of self-actualization.

On corporate level, The 3M System promotes astute leadership and highlights the contrast between “an expert” & “the true manager”, based on the central factor: self-awareness. True management supports company goals and balances the focus on goals & tasks, with the focus on people. The 3M System makes true management shine through by dissipating confusion about fear-based vs. trust-based decision-making patterns, and by inducing COURAGE to admit that there is strength in vulnerability & great ideas need some tension.  

“True managers show reverence for originality & individuality, acknowledging others’ contributions, which are different from their own; moreover, they do this with confidence & grace, without fearing loss of personal impact. If you NEED to be a leader, you are obviously not it”.

The 3M System provides the right tools for changing your experience of life from “the burden of responsibility” into “the enjoyment of power & freedom”. A liberation occurs as you get a sense of the conscious presence within you. Once trained, this conscious presence becomes your source of wisdom that inspires & empowers you to know, say & do the right thing.

“As long as you are what you do (or alternatively what you have), your existence is always conditioned by elements outside your control. This is a rather unfortunate situation, because you can never feel safe just being who you are. Hence, your mind fabricates delusions of grandeur & inferiority, which you constantly need to defend, in a process that consumes your POWER, & moves you further away from the joy & peace which represent your natural state”.

The 3M System is unique because it offers you a new perspective & practical tools to make your life easier to comprehend & to manage (based on experience as professional athlete, and a rigorous spiritual & scientific education).

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