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The Same Core In You And Me – How We Can Celebrate Individuality Without Forgetting That We Are All In The Same Boat

This work introduces the HaLoFeHo game that promotes self-discovery, self-understanding and self-acceptance. These in turn support tolerance for the peculiarities of others.

The HaLoFeHo game is designed based on the SWOT matrix, a highly regarded tool that helps executives make informed and calculated decisions in team management to contribute value to their organization.

In the HaLoFeHo game you are the leader with executive power who must manage a complex system, namely your being. Of course, you need to know your team to be able to manage it. So the first step is to become aware of your personality with all its parts, your body, mind and ego with all its aspects, the conditioning of your upbringing and environment, your ambitions and fears, and all your strengths and weaknesses. You need to have the most knowledge about the dynamics within your personality and how your ego works. Every little trick, every little detail with which your mind can trick you into becoming scared or enraged, should become a known member of your team.

Once you know your team inside and out, you can become an expert at managing them.

The goal, which results from excellent team management, is to be a well-balanced individual and to live a good, satisfied life.

So you have to ensure good cooperation within your team, which means that all your parts work well together.

This workshop is a very powerful tool for team building in organizations, families or couples because it helps colleagues, family members and partners get to know each other on a deeper level and it increases tolerance for the otherness of others, which is one of the most important personal skills to have, ranking at the top of the list along with communication and problem solving.


My Feelings Are Valid: How to Be Honest About How You Really Feel and Help Others Respect Your Feelings

This work involves learning about the three ego types and absorbing the essential insight that the ego is not the enemy of goodness and happiness, once a distinction has been made between the ego and ego-dominance. However, this distinction is crucial.

Whatever ego aspect dominates the personality, once consciousness is added to the mix, that aspect of the ego becomes harmless and in some cases it can even become an asset. For example, a person with arrogance as their primary ego aspect can cause serious damage by disrespecting others’ feelings, but once he or she becomes aware of the arrogant trait, it can be used to develop a healthy sense of self-confidence and for encouraging others who are more insecure.

In this workshop you will learn to see the ego in a different light: as a puppy that needs guidance not to misbehave. You are given permission to be honest on the most personal level. The more you accept the deepest, darkest secrets of your personality, the more relaxed you will be. In fact, your being will reach an unparalleled level of relaxation. Additionally, you will be less judgmental of yourself and others.

After this, you are no longer under pressure to live up to your own or others’ expectations of how you should be. Your own oddness will no longer be a problem, and the otherness of others will no longer bother you. Imagine a world in which everyone is free to be as weird as they like becomes no one is expected to be anything but true. That world doesn’t need to be utopia; we can create it together.

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