This transmission is intended to make your life easier by helping you understand what you are, why you are here, and how you are put together.


“ Life manifests through us, just as electricity passes through different types of lamps, to create a variety of lights. We are all different individuals; each of us is unique. But we are all plugged into the electricity of Life. We are all the same in that. We are all lamps. Some are beautiful chandeliers, complicated constructions of crystal. Others are simple one-bulb lamps.

Whatever our parts are, if we know them and accept them with both their strengths and weaknesses, if we embrace our lack as much as we praise our ableness, relaxation appears within us. And relaxation creates space. Then Life flows in and fills that space with its electricity. The result is light. Life can flow through us if we have space within, and our existence gets illuminated.

When we focus on that kind of interaction, on that kind of collaboration with Life, we are functioning through our true self. So the true self is not something to discover or find, but something to live by. “

Melinda Pema Khandro




“Melinda is without doubt destined to compliment the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Jon Kabat-Zinn in producing a remarkable and fresh perspective on the ego and on the true self, on how we can best understand them, and more importantly how to experience them. She shows in a comprehensive method how we can diminish and eliminate ego-dominance, and how we can create space within ourselves, and within our lives. ‘the Crack’ is a manual to living as clear consciousness in human form, to relishing our human potential for conscious self-acceptance of all that we are, our shiny and our broken parts alike.”

Eileen Flynn, Mother, Teacher, Writer


“Dr. Melinda Asztalos is an inspiring spiritual teacher with brilliant wisdom that bridges science and spirituality. She has a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience grounded in an extensive academic background in mindful movement and well-being, professional work helping people heal and understand their purpose in life, and over 30 years of dedicated spiritual practices. All this has culminated in her life’s work – ‘the Crack’. This illuminating book elaborates on her creationthe method ‘the 3M system’ and offers powerful perspectives and techniques to develop a greater understanding of the self and, ultimately, consciousness. I highly recommend reading ‘the Crack’ to rediscover the space, freedom, peace, joy, health, and happiness available to us all.”

Steven Pratscher, PhD in Psychology
Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Florida
Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence


“A must-read! A wonderful woman with a great vision! Melinda is a barrel full of knowledge and she is living it! She is the best at helping others grow!”

Ivan Lenaerts, Entrepreneur


“Melinda, I admire you not only for who you are but also, for how you made me see myself. You’ve put me in my strength and helped me discover, love, and accept my true self. You are great at what you do. Your (emotional) intelligence is beyond this world. You are universal.”

Gitti Dehertog, Mother, Engineer
Founder of GittiZen
Supply Chain Officer at FK Global Healthcare Company


“Melinda writes intensely and openly, and her teachings are real opportunities for awareness to all who are willing to be aware.”

Rietje Van Craenenbroeck, Life Consultant


“This book can positively shake you. It is again Melinda at her best. Going in-depth, analyzing, highlighting hidden connections, and reaching bold but correct conclusions. No loose ends. Clarity.”

Johan Van Geert, Diplomat of the European Union
 Deputy Head of Finance and Audit, Kyrgyz Republic


“Melinda, beautiful, loving, gentle, and powerful, so nice to know you. You touch my heart. Thank you for all the work you have done with me.“

Ing. Christel Stevens,  Orthomolecular dietician


“Dear Melinda, I want to thank you from my heart because you helped me find my strength as a woman again, connect to it, and you brought me back to my essence. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Your work has brought me closer to myself again. Thank you for being who you are!“

Lies Franckaert, Founder


“It’s a beautiful path you are traveling, Melinda!“

Marie-Therese DJ, Senior Truth-seeker  


“Melinda, you are such a great personality, you bring so much good into the world, inspire other people, and awaken others with your knowledge, the light in me honors the light in you.”

Anne-Marie Van Cauter, Manager Café Vervoer

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