the Crack – freedom while stuck in human form’ is enriching because it introduces a new method of consciousness development, promotes new attitudes, and connects relevant information in a novel way. The existing literature mainly blames the ego for the hardship of human life and lists it as the number one enemy of happiness. Most spiritual teachers advocate losing the ego, leaving it behind, or at least confronting it. I propose a new approach that brings relief to those who need solutions in their current struggles. Working toward enlightenment is a positive endeavor, but it inevitably postpones contentment. This book offers viable solutions for those who want to enjoy their unenlightened lives right now. The question of whether or not the ego is the enemy becomes obsolete as we discover the mind more in-depth.

We don’t embark on this inner expedition without a good map; we have an efficient method that uses both Science and Spirituality to guide us. ‘The 3M System’ holds the promise of creating inner space. It engages the body and the mind, teaches mindful movement, and promotes advanced posture and breathing. Its central engine – the Observer-self and its motto “BE in all you DO” represent our ticket to personal freedom. The method employs two original techniques of mindful movement: ‘The 3M Power Posture’ and ‘The 3M Freedom Breathing’, which are efficient means to activate, train and strengthen the Observer-self and to reduce ego-dominance. The experience of inner space that follows leads us to a sense of functioning through the true self.

The 3M System’ is useful against the pressures of an overactive mind, it helps to deal with illness, insecurity, anger, and anxiety, but it also gives to those who simply want an easier life. It can be a method in itself or preparation for other methods.

Beginner meditators and people in the stages of contemplation before trying mindfulness or spiritual practice, benefit. Experienced yogis and meditators especially in times of wavering when their focus is tested and they fear having lost their mojo, benefit. Those who already have a practice will add an extra dimension to whatever they practice (mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, dancing and singing, drawing, writing, horseback riding, walking the dog, jogging, fitness, Pilates, sauna/wellness, etc.).

The 3M System’ brings additional value for people who are challenged by burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, tiredness of life and existential anxieties, aimlessness, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, compulsive thinking, anger issues, and relationship problems. And in the absence of such challenges, it supports the search for answers to these and similar questions:

Who am I?
What is the meaning of this life?
Why am I trying so hard to belong?
Why do I need to have my worth recognized?
How can I be free of the need to matter?
Why do I expect myself to want so much?
How can I stop thinking compulsively?
How can I reduce the pressure to succeed?

The 3M System’ goes beyond explaining, it generates personal experience. It goes beyond refining the intellect and cultivating intellectual knowledge, it triggers true understanding, meditative stability, and transcendent wisdom. We benefit from these results in everyday life situations, in relationships, in stress management, in handling sickness and other challenges, and in goal pursuing.

The ultimate aim of this method and its positive results are finding more ease in handling the challenges of life, sensing more meaning, and enjoying more freedom, peace, and contentment, within the obvious limitations of human existence. We grow to collaborate with Life, to be its partners, and to play nicely a game that has a secret: the only way to win, but also a sure way to always win, is to get to know all our parts, especially the ones we’d rather hide, and to accept our weaknesses as the cracks through which the wisdom of clear consciousness shines through.

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