Synopsis for the non-fiction book “The Crack” written by Melinda Asztalos, PhD


‘the Crack’ aims to be a powerful inspirational book. It wants to touch the lives of many. It carries a gift for all Seekers of Truth who wish a deeper understanding into the quirks of being human; those who dare to embrace the frail, ugly, broken parts of themselves, and appreciate them equally as their strong, shiny, “flawless” traits. Those who want to acknowledge the blessedness of the body along with its vulnerability; those who are intrigued by the power of the mind as well as by its wickedness; those who delight in knowing their best but are not afraid to embrace their worst.

The book offers palatable information that enables readers to gather personal experiences of inner spaciousness, clear consciousness, and true self. Spiritual awakening is efficiently supported through alternating layers of understanding and experience.

The existing literature names the ego as being responsible for the hardship of human life and lists it as the number one enemy of happiness. Most spiritual teachers advocate losing the ego, leaving it behind, or at least confronting it. ‘the Crack’ comes with a new approach that brings relief to those who need solutions in their current struggles. Working toward enlightenment is a positive endeavor, but it inevitably postpones contentment. ‘the Crack’ proposes viable solutions for those who want to enjoy their unenlightened lives right now. The question of whether or not the ego is the enemy becomes obsolete as we discover the mind more in-depth. We learn to make the distinction between ego and ego- dominance. ‘the Crack’ takes readers beyond the dualities of the ego, into a place where we are allowed to be with all of our parts, broken and whole. The ego is treated fairly and supported to serve the human. The focus is on reducing ego-dominance and instead of functioning by it, becoming skilled in functioning through the true self.

the Crack’ introduces a new comprehensive method of consciousness development ‘The 3M System’, which was created by the author after careful and lengthy study of both Science and Spirituality. This method teaches people how to know their parts and how to make friends with the specific personal manifestations of the ego in them.

At first, a dissection happens where the ego is put under the microscope and analyzed to pieces. Strengths and shiny qualities are not favored; weaknesses and obscure traits are not battled. The strengths are celebrated, and the weaknesses are loved. The weaknesses represent the cracks of the personality. In many ways, they are more important than the strengths. Our souls chose our specific cracks because they carry important lessons for our human experience. By learning to embrace them and love ourselves for them (not despite them), our cracks become windows through which clear consciousness can shine into the world through the humans we are.

Of course, we can shine through our strengths as well, especially when we experience flow, that is, when we are free from delusions of grandeur and inferiority, and we don’t need to prove our worth, but we simply do what we do well and what we can do without sacrificing being. ‘the Crack’ presents scientific facts about flow and self-determination, drawing connections between these and the significance of spiritual growth in the human life. It plants the motto of ‘The 3M System’: “BE in all you DO” into the minds of the readers. The point is to always BE first before we do anything; this way we assure that all our doings will be good and successful.

When our dissection is complete and we have identified our parts, the Observer-self is introduced as the central engine of ‘The 3M System’. Readers get guidance in activating and training their own Observer-self. The better they get at working with the Observer-self, the healthier distance they create between their parts and their being. A sense of space is experienced within. The busyness of disturbing feelings and thoughts loosens up. The torture of limiting beliefs and handicapping conditionings softens.

Using two original techniques ‘The 3M Power Posture’ and ‘The 3M Freedom Breathing’, described in a step-by-step guide that reveals the underlying mechanisms of mindful movement, mindfulness, and the ego, we advance toward understanding what it means to function through ego-dominance versus functioning by the true self. We discover why the heights of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization (the top of the pyramid of human needs where our highest potentials lie) cannot be reached without passing first through the two subpeaks of self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Therefore, ‘the Crack’ can be considered a manual for living as clear consciousness in human form that presents a method of how to be free within the human experience. Existing spiritual and scientific teachings often fall into the trap of transmitting too spiritual or too scientific materials. “Spirituality without Science is blind, Science without Spirituality is lame”, said Einstein, and ‘The 3M System’ aligns with his view. This method allows skepticism because it goes deep enough to transcend major layers of confusion. The hidden structures of the mind and the personality get revealed, but not judged.

You don’t need to change who you are.

But you ought to know how you are put together.

the Crack’ creates added value for all who want to become free from the pressures of their overactive minds, for all who want to be true to their true self, for all who are interested in mindfulness and spiritual growth, for all who struggle with illness, insecurity or anxiety, and for all who simply want an easier human life. Moreover, ‘The 3M System’ has been proven useful for burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, tiredness of life and existential anxieties, aimlessness, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, compulsive thinking, anger issues, and relationship problems.

Equally important, this method is useful for people who don’t necessarily suffer from anything, but who wonder and inquire. People who are preoccupied with these and similar questions can find this book useful: Who am I? What is the meaning of this life? Why am I trying so hard to belong? Why do I need to have my worth recognized? How can I be free of the need to matter and the pressure to succeed? How can I stop thinking compulsively?

The 3M System’ can be a method in itself or a preparation for other methods. It is useful for beginner meditators and people in the stages of contemplation before deciding on trying a spiritual practice, but it is also useful for experienced yogis and meditators in times of wavering when their focus might be tested, and they might fear having lost their mojo. It is fair to say that ‘the Crack’ supports your spiritual development and psychological well-being whatever you practice (mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, dancing and singing, drawing, writing, horseback riding, walking the dog, jogging, fitness, Pilates, sauna/wellness, etc.)

By teaching ‘The 3M System’, ‘the Crack’ supports people in gathering more awareness about themselves, in achieving deeper self-understanding and greater self-acceptance. This book contributes to creating a more honest human society in which people live more authentically and they care about the truth of who they are, deep within and on the surface.

Imagine a world in which people are aware of their egos and know how to guide them, so no ego dominates but all egos serve human thriving. Imagine a world in which human drama and the mind’s busyness are treated as manifestations of Life’s richness and diversity, and humans understand that they are meant to be good playmates for Life. Imagine a world in which we are in awe of that which unites us, as well as that which separates us. Imagine that we are free to be as weird or as common as we wish to be because no one is expected to be anything else than true. Imagine that we value human life as the preparation for the grand moment of death, so we treasure every day as an opportunity to learn how to be. Not be something, but simply be. Surely that would be a wonderful world and ‘the Crack’ intends to contribute to it.

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