The Book



“The Crack” teaches about the experience of clear consciousness, beyond the dualities of the ego and of right versus wrong, where the human beings who we are can experience freedom from attachments and aversions. It is an invitation into the über-dimension of equanimity.

My goal with “The Crack” is to inspire and empower people to experience more relaxation and peace, by providing them with a ‘unified map’ into the human consciousness. They may use it to achieve specific breakthroughs or to advance their consciousness development.

My intent is clear, and it springs from my painful understanding that this human life is hard. Often beautiful, but always hard. This understanding triggered my compassion for humans, including the human who I am.

The value of “The Crack” comes through in an emphasis on getting to know all our parts and accepting them without judgement, celebrating our strengths and our weaknesses alike, as the cracks through which the wisdom of clear consciousness can manifest.

True freedom is when we make peace with our most “unacceptable” traits and tendencies, and we get to enjoy them as “yet another quality or manifestation of Life” or “an example of Life’s richness and diversity”. Human freedom is an illusion otherwise.



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