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This book is about freedom. Not the absolute freedom of emptiness or being nobody, but the attainable operational freedom of being a non-trapped, functional somebody, whose inner spaciousness reduces human drama to manageable amounts.

It supports the growth of self-awareness that is not self-improvement – a significant but overlooked distinction. People often fall into the trap of self-improvement, where their innocent efforts become fierce obstacles to their freedom. For to escape the pressures to be better and more, the gauge of expectations must loosen, and self-awareness must involve self-understanding and self-acceptance. Then, we rise beyond the duality of right versus wrong into the über-dimension of equanimity, where we are free from our attachments and aversions. There we find the sweet spot where we participate in living life without getting sucked in the drama.

This book encourages getting to know all our parts and accepting them without judgment, celebrating our strengths and weaknesses alike. True freedom is when we make peace with our most “unacceptable” traits and tendencies, and we see them as manifestations of Life’s richness and diversity.

the Crack – freedom while stuck in human form’ is a gift for Seekers of Truth who want a deeper understanding of the quirks of being human. It describes a new comprehensive and efficient method of consciousness development ‘The 3M System’ that brings together Science and Spirituality and teaches how to handle the specific manifestations of the ego in our personalities, how to gather experiences of inner spaciousness, and how to function through the true self.

Readers discover the hidden structures of the mind and the personality, and the underlying mechanisms of the power of now and mindfulness. And they see why the heights of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization (the top of the pyramid of human needs where our highest potentials lie) cannot be reached without passing first through the two subpeaks of self-understanding and self-acceptance.

The target audience includes people who want to improve themselves, those who need a bridge between understanding and implementation of teachings, potentially all advocates of personal growth, but also people who face different challenges and are ready for their next personal breakthrough.
As well, people who are curious about the meaning of Life but maybe have reservations toward Spirituality or strong debaters who rely only on Science for the truth can benefit from this book. It is useful against the pressures of an overactive mind, it helps to deal with illness, insecurity, tension, anger, and fear, but it also gives to those who simply want an easier life.


Readers are inspired and empowered to realize:

I am clear consciousness in human form. Life chose me as its playmate, so, I am worthy, and I don’t need to justify my existence. My life purpose is to be a good playing partner for Life, which means that I create space within my being, and I assure that the isness of Life can flow through me unobstructed by the crowdedness of ego-dominance. The better I get at sensing the distinction between ego and ego-dominance, the nicer I settle in the place where I am allowed to exist with all of my parts, broken and whole. True self-actualization (reaching my highest potentialities) means living authentically, being honest to myself about my parts, and accepting even loving my strengths and my weaknesses alike. That’s how I make sure that Life enjoys manifesting through me. All my traits are expressions of Life’s richness and diversity. My weaknesses, the cracks of my personality, are more important than my strengths because “The wound is the place where the light enters you” (Rumi) and “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen).


My wish for ‘the Crack – freedom while stuck in human form’ is to be a powerful inspirational book that touches the lives of many. I wish this because it brings good things wherever it goes, replacing tightness with relaxation, switching crowded busyness to comfortable inner space, shifting judgment to acceptance, and changing duality into equanimity. It inspires us to embrace the frail, ugly, broken parts of ourselves, and cherish them equally as our strong, shiny, impeccable traits. It empowers us to appreciate the blessedness of the body along with its vulnerabilities, and the power of the mind along with its wickedness. We gain the suppleness of profiting from our best, while not fearing our worst. The ultimate revenue is a powerful boost to our spiritual awakening, which we achieve by alternating layers of deep understanding with personal experiences of spaciousness within.

If you care to know more, you may read the SYNOPSIS of ‘the Crack – freedom while stuck in human form’.


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